Kill the beast. Save your brother. Win your freedom.

No problem.

Falling in love with the cop trying arrest you?



To save his twin from death, Reign Nicolis will have to bargain with the Goddess of the Dead, and once more become what he despises, El Mortem—The Scourge. A killer trained to show mercy to none. But he is haunted by those who have fallen beneath his blade. Their ghostly shapes dog his footsteps, relentless in their torture to make him suffer for what he was put on this earth to do two thousand years ago. Saving his twin ensures Reign’s enslavement to the Goddess. She may own his body, but never his heart. 


Detective Alexis Lever’s career is in shambles. Her only chance at redemption is to discover what happened to the body of Daniel Nicolis, the leading suspect in The Village Strangler case. To do that she’ll have to thwart two men: Reign Nicolis and Roman Nicolis. Both belong in jail. But one has stolen her heart.